Ferwegh Tunnels

Ferwegh Tunnels are a relic left behind by a long lost civilization that ruled the Old Continent. Ferwegh Tunnels allow for very fast travel between far-away places. A creature can enter a tunnel and travel hundreds of miles with a few steps. 

Travel comes at a cost as it travels through some unknown plane which seems to power the tunnels. A traveler must eat as much as possible before entering the tunnel or be consumed by the power that resides inside. A traveler's metabolism is sped up thousands of times and will consume the traveler if he is not well-fed. First consuming fats, then muscle, death follows soon. The body will rot away in seconds until only dust is left.

The tunnel itself seems like a dusty tunnel through the night sky. Outside of the transparent tunnel one can see ghostly visages floating around. They repeat any spoken sound in many whispers and screams.

A tunnel is usually about 100 steps long and is only one-way, once a traveler enters he must reach the end fast. The tunnels usually come in pairs, one in each direction. 

Ferwegh Tunnels

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